[Middle East] (Barbara Stein)

This summer I had the good fortune of traveling to the Middle East for the first time.
After my trip to Japan in the late 1980's, you might say the "travel bug" bit me.
I'm really pleased to share a few of my photos with you here in the MBI Multinet Gallery.
I hope you are all well and thriving.
Warm regards.

Barbara Stein

Ms.Barbara Stein is riding the camel
to the Great Pyramid of Giza
(Giza, Egypt)

I was one of a handful on our tour who decided to reach the Pyramids by camel rather than by coach.
As I was mounting the camel, the woman on the camel next to me fell off.
I was so terrified I held on for dear life - this picture is proof that I really did it!

Israel- Wailing Wall (Jerusalem,Israel)

It was incomprehensible to me to be here at the Wailing Wall - in Jerusalem - in the Promised Land.

Valley of the King (Giza, Egypt)

It was 130 degrees Fahrenheit when we visited the Valley of the Kings.
Inside the tombs, if you can imagine, it was even hotter.

Narrow Entry into the Hidden City Petra (Petra, Jordan)

Petra Treasury Building Carved out of the rock (Petra, Jordan)

If you've seen the movie "Indiana Jones" these might look familiar.
The first photo is of the narrow canyon you have to walk through to enter the hidden city of Petra.
And suddenly, directly in front of you, you come upon the Treasury Building carved out of pink marble by the Romans a few thousand years ago.
We spent 4 hours climbing the rocks of this amazing Roman city and when we weren't climbing the 1000 ancient stairs to reach the top, we were sliding down rocks to get back down again.
What an experience!